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Content Development/Creative Services

Content Marketing

Content development and creative services for executing the communications strategy at the tactical and operations levels of the enterprise.

We tailor our solutions to address your specific motives and needs.

As shown in the graphic above, we offer a variety of media formats and delivery methods for marketing, branding, training, education and professional development.

Contact us for:

1. The production of original content.

  • Content Marketing TrainingIn today’s communications-rich environment, quality and creativity help an enterprise to stand out, win attention and earn respect.  We’ll work closely with you to make sure our efforts directly support your objectives.
  • From research to final product, we’ll gladly assume responsibility for any aspect of the project.
  • See information about our signature Stylized PowerPoint Video Technique.
  • See blog post samples using the links below. Note the original graphics that accompany each post — how they add visual appeal and also help to tell the story.

Cultivate and Seize Social Proof in Your Marketing

U. S. Latinos Offer Grande Target Market Opportunity

CBS Big Brother TV Show Dancing with Hypocrisy in 2015?

Ban Bossy Campaign: Good Intention, Execution Slightly Amiss

2. We’ll re-purpose already existing content, whether for reaching new prospects, or to deliver it in an alternative format and/or on a different publishing platform.

U.S. Latino Market

Target Market Opportunity

  • Digital media affords the opportunity to customize content according to the characteristics of the target audience — while simultaneously avoiding the heftier cost of re-inventing the wheel every time changes are made.  We can help nourish a connection with each and every type of audience you are striving to attract.
  • Multi-platform publishing of the same core content broadens your reach and scope by diversifying the access to it.  We can assist with adapting content to fit the nature of the medium and/or platform.  For example, transforming the content of text-based material into an online video presentation requires the capacity to re-conceptualize it for maximum effect on the new medium.

3. We’ll proofread, edit and refine already existing content (including website copy).

  • Because you’re enlisting the content to help groom the brand image, both internally and externally, it’s imperative that it does what it’s intended to do.  Our editorial service offers the reassurance of knowing your content has been carefully reviewed for problems or errors.  Typical examples include content organization issues, awkward grammatical structure, poor punctuation, clumsy syntax, misspellings, typos or other unacceptable mistakes (e.g., broken links on your website).

4. We’ll help you to develop and implement a Digital Content Management Program for getting the most mileage from your digital assets.

  • LeadershipDigital content is very versatile.  It can be re-used, re-purposed or re-assembled in an almost unlimited number of ways.  These techniques offer greater cost effectiveness and branding continuity.  But it takes foresight and preparation to leverage the full potential.
  • A Digital Content Management Program involves an archive for storing your accumulation of digital assets (text, graphics, video and audio).  For instance, if customer service answers a key question via email, saving it in a digital archive presents the opportunity to get more mileage from the knowledge it contains, perhaps for internal or external training, for a blog/Facebook/Twitter post, or for any other purpose it might later serve.  Text material, graphical components, stock photos and video footage are ideal candidates for re-use and re-purposing.

To capitalize on the role of communications as a tool for getting things done at your enterprise, contact us now.  Take advantage of our free initial consultation.