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Veterans Day is for Veterans, Not Sales (or Sales Events)



Veterans Day Sale

Veterans Day for Veterans, Not Sales

by Kenneth Rudich

It took 8 years, 4 months and fifteen days to win the Revolutionary War.

In 2014, we launched a petition for ending the retail commercialization of Veterans Day and Memorial Day in response to those who hold a sale.

The basic premise is that a sale is designed to distract from, rather than put the spotlight on. After all, why would someone hold a sale but to re-direct people’s attention?

Considering what these two groups of military personnel have selflessly done — and sacrificed — across the course of U.S. history, it hardly seems like an imposition to ask a commercial enterprise to pause for two days out of 365 to join the nation in honoring our brave and remembering our fallen, as opposed to leveraging it for personal financial gain.

At, we’ve developed a fair amount of material in support of this effort, including fifteen blog posts consisting of either video pleas or written appeals, free downloadable graphics to use on other web sites and in social media, and a petition for people to sign: End the practice of holding a sale or sales event in the name of Veterans Day and Memorial Day.

Our latest written appeal was published only a few days ago on Medium. Com: How is Colin Kaepernick Wrong but a Veterans Day Sale Right?

Despite the admittedly lackluster results we’ve gotten thus far – not only as it concerns the signing of the petition, but also the end of this practice — we’ve decided to persevere, in part because the Revolutionary War took 8 years, 4 months and fifteen days before it finally ended in victory.

Sometimes — most times — perspiration is just as important as inspiration. Especially when it’s for a worthwhile cause.

We’d be pleased if you read our piece on

We’d be really, really pleased if you’d sign the petition (it has links to additional support materials, including free graphics).

We’d be exceptionally pleased if you additionally help with spreading the word on social media.

But mostly, we believe you’ll be pleased with yourself in knowing you did something on behalf of your country, what it stands for, and the people who’ve defended it, regardless of whether it’s your first time for this type of engagement or the hundredth.

We thank you in advance for it!


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