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Hispanic Heritage Month Now has a Dual Purpose and Meaning



by Kenneth Rudich

Hispanic Heritage month 2016National Hispanic Heritage Month has taken on a dual purpose and meaning in these contemporary times.

The first and longstanding of these is to publicly acknowledge — and duly celebrate — the rich legacy of contributions made to our evolving tapestry as a nation.

At, we offer free downloadable graphics for use on your Internet websites and social media platforms to join in the celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month.

It’s a reminder that no particular group or ethnicity stood alone when it came to forging our enviable status on the world stage.

The second and increasingly important purpose is to use this time as a fulcrum for looking ahead and thinking about the future — to take stock of where we’ve been as a nation, where we are and where we’re headed.

It’s called a trajectory, and it’s about paying homage to the past by embracing our present day obligation to favorably impact what tomorrow will bring.

U.S. Education Pipeline

hispanic heritage month 2016The population growth trend currently underway within the U.S. Hispanic segment of this nation’s citizenry carries huge ramifications for the trajectory of the nation as a whole.

One area of particular concern centers on the education pipeline, and the question of how to fortify it well enough to serve as a stepping stone for maintaining a productive citizenry — both in light of this population growth trend and also the workforce needs of tomorrow. That, after all, is the core virtue and value of a robust education system.

Our own history reinforces the importance of education to the social and economic well-being of the nation.

In the spirit of offering food for thought with regard to this matter, we’ve developed the two short videos shown below to add some perspective.

hispanic heritage month 2016The first explores the education pipeline opportunities and challenges that are upon us as a nation in the midst of this trend.

It’s titled, “An Urgent Call to Action For and After Hispanic Heritage Month.”

While short in duration at well under five minutes, it’s chock-full of good information for understanding the contours of this challenge.

The second illustrates a present day example of what’s possible when the pipeline is functioning as it should.

It’s the inspirational story of Hilda Solis, who overcame formidable hurdles to become a college graduate and more.

It’s called, “Hilda Solis: A Tale of 1st Generation Hispanic American Grit.” At slightly over 2 minutes, you’ll note that the operative word in the title is “grit.”

In case you don’t know, grit is a buzzword in education circles. Angela Duckworth, a University of Pennsylvania psychologist, defines it as a combination of passion and persistence.

She says those with more grit do better at school, in college and afterward in the working world.

As you will grow to learn while watching these videos, the overarching goal is to move away from an overabundance of unskilled laborers, to an educated workforce of creative and critical thinkers, with problem-solving skills rooted in knowledge.

It requires hopes, dreams, good role modeling and perhaps a friendly push from an adult mentor or guide.

To learn more about becoming a mentor and role model to a student, visit:


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