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Our Future Plans for



Marketing Value Chain

by Kenneth Rudich

Strategic Marketing

After taking inventory of what we’ve done with this blog over the past few years, followed by some careful thought of what we’d like to do moving forward, we’ve decided to return to our roots as it pertains to fleshing out the notion of A Value Chain Approach for Modern Marketing.

With this central theme as a hub for all future content, we’ll be uniquely positioned to provide our subscribers and visitors with a fruitful reading and viewing experience, one that sets us apart as a must-have, must-see resource for contemporary thought and action.

marketing Value Chain BookBest of all, it will be comprehensive and cohesive in scope, because it will be fitted within the framework of the value chain approach. A key endeavor of this approach is to make everything work in harmony so that the whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts. In business and marketing, this is known as synergism, and it arises from the successful convergence of a broadly coordinated effort.

The ultimate aim of this convergence comes down to achieving three specific outcomes:

  • coupling efficiency with effectiveness;
  • producing win-win scenarios for customers and stakeholders alike;
  • remaining competitive and sustainable in the face of a complex — and sometimes turbulent — business environment.

Value Chain Sub-themes

In view of this ambition, we’ve identified a set of sub-themes to focus on during the course of this endeavor. Though we may add more later on, this will be our point of departure for now. If you have any thoughts with regards to this list, or wish to contribute some content for it, please let us know. You can use the email address we’ve provided at the end of this post.

Here’s our list of sub-themes:

Introduction to the Generic Value Chain for Marketing

How to Vet a Value Proposition

Market Characteristics Analysis

Distribution Channels Deployment

Communications Analysis and Execution

Transactions/Operations Planning and Execution

Product/Service Attributes Analysis

External Forces Analysis

A Multidimensional Data-driven Decision-making Model

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Marketing Strategy ManagementWe’re confident the initial appeal of the value chain approach will turn into a lasting one as time goes by. We believe the content will be just that useful, just that informative and just that good.

In the final analysis, just plain valuable.

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