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4 Free Content Marketing Mini-Course Training Videos



Content Marketing Training

The rise of content as a critical marketing tool has led to coining the phrase, “Content is King!”

But good and great content marketing doesn’t just happen. It must be fashioned – with insight, consistency and careful planning.

That’s where this post comes in.

Content Marketing Tutorials

If you’re new to content marketing, or would like to ensure you’ve got a solid grounding for making it work, then feast your eyes — and full attention — on this free mini-course we’ve put together to assist you.

In four short video modules, with a grand total viewing time of less than thirty minutes, you’ll receive a comprehensive introduction to the notion of contemporary content marketing.

The secret sauce to effectively delivering this information so quickly, and so thoroughly, rests with our signature Stylized PowerPoint Video technique.

We’re confident you’ll be pleased with the amount of knowledge you’ll have gained and retained when you’re done…all for free!

Here are the links to our 4 Part Content Marketing Video Training series:


Content Marketing Training

 The Basis for Content Marketing

Introduces the reasoning behind contemporary theory and practice.





Content Marketing Tutorials

Toward Strategic Intent

Covers the key considerations for developing and implementing a content marketing strategy.




Content Marketing

Strategy Design

Discusses the strategic design aspect of a content marketing strategy.




Content Marketing Tutorials

A Blog Story

A look at key performance indicators (KPI) for content marketing, and a specific case study that involves our own effort here at




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