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Make Content Stand Out with a Stylized PowerPoint Video



A Contrast and Compare Challenge

This blog post offers an interesting challenge for those who like to test their contrast and comparison skills.

It begs the question: Do you have a truly keen eye for discernment and detection?

We’ve put together two short Stylized PowerPoint Video promos (one minute each) that possess many similarities but also have 10 notable differences.

The challenge is to contrast and compare “Make Your Content Stand Out with a Stylized PowerPoint Video” (the one above) with “Leverage the Power of the Stylized PowerPoint Video” (this page also has links for the other Stylized PPT samples mentioned in the video). Clicking this link will open a second browser window to make the task a little easier.

Test Yourself

Can you identify how and where the two videos differ? Are you wily enough to detect all 10?

Here’s a link to an Answers pdf.

And here’s a hint to help you get started. Each Stylized PowerPoint Video is comprised of several layers or elements, which include the following:

Visuals – look for differences in the visual presentation of the two videos. This includes graphical or pictorial differences, and also variations in the visual effects used to bring the various objects (pictures, titles, graphics) in and out of the video frame.

Sound – the sound track can be comprised of the voice over content (or script), music and sound effects. When and where do these differ between the two?

Give it a try!

6 finds = average skill
8 finds = above average skill
9 or more finds = wily detective certified


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