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21 Free Graphics for Black History Month and Why Join In Now

Why Participate?

African-American History Month

by Kenneth Rudich

(Scroll down for link to free graphics)

Black History Month in the USA is a decidedly storied observance.

It’s emotionally and intellectually arousing because it pairs together the worst in human behavior with the best in human behavior, and the pendulum that swings back and forth between the two has seen every possible temperament of people on both sides.

African-American History Month

Plus, it’s not just a small part of this nation’s history, like a pie chart wedge that can be separated from the whole; rather, it’s part of the sum of the parts, so thoroughly woven into the fabric as to make it connected to everything that’s been wrought up to now.

African-American History Month

The effects of this storied past make Black History Month anything but insignificant. And though there’s still plenty of tension clouding the air, it can be positive if used as fuel for constructive interaction, for looking hard at ways to navigate the lingering crosscurrents in a manner that’s meaningful to all, for all.

Bear in mind, it’s not a zero sum game in which one group’s success must come at the expense of others, and there’s no contradiction in acknowledging nagging difficulties while also honoring the progress made and the good it’s produced.

In the frank words of Education Professor Diana Laurillard, “Democracy is a serious business.”

African-American History Month

So when all is said and done, Black History Month is as Americana as Americana gets, and that’s why its annual arrival occasions a reason for the nation to turn a spotlight on it.

Use your Internet websites and social media platforms to join in the observation of Black History Month. For free graphics compliments of us, click the download link below. Do it now!

21 Free Black History Month Graphics

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