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CBS Big Brother Show Defies Cali Drought Plea



Drought Update: For anyone who doubts the gravity of this circumstance, check out this news report from CNN, published 10/11/14.
California drought victims drink in grandmother’s kindness

This Stylized PPT Video speaks for itself. Watch it…and draw your own conclusions.

In summer 2014, as millions of viewers looked on, the CBS Big Brother show stayed true to its reputation for creating simulated rainstorms during houseguest competitions. It did so for at least three of them.

And we’re not talking a light mist, mind you; we’re talking a torrential downpour that went on and on for an extended period of time.

Each rainstorm was worthy of the wet season in some tropical locale.

Only thing is, the Big Brother House, located on Gunsmoke Avenue in Los Angeles, California, is hardly in a tropical locale. In fact, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor, it’s smack dab in the heart of this nation’s drought-stricken region, at the highest level of intensity, where the unforgiving scarcity of water is at its worst.

With that as a backdrop, one might reasonably ask, where did all the water for the simulated rainstorm come from?


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