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Campaign Against Commercializing Memorial Day & Veterans Day



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This Stylized PowerPoint Video carefully lays out the rationale for ending the practice of commercializing Memorial Day and Veterans Day by advertising a sale in their name. It also gives details on how you can help to support this cause.

Watch the video!

Then lend your voice to this campaign. With Veterans Day coming soon, it’s time to show up now and say, “No more commercialization!”

Stop Commercializing Veterans DayYou can download our FREE package of 53 graphics for supporting this Campaign on your Internet websites, social media platforms and anywhere else.

Veterans Day Anti-Commercialization Graphics 1

Veterans Day Anti-Commercialization Graphics 2

Or, if you prefer, create your own supportive media (and share it with us). Either way, “support” is the operative word.

Never lose sight of what our veterans have done, and always remember our fallen. As they can attest, there’s no such thing as the price of freedom getting reduced during a sale.

Take an active stand now to stop the disservice being done to those who have served.

Update: Download Free zip file of Digital Graphics for Observing Veterans Day  

More Stylized PPT Video Resources

Short Promo (1:39): Lend Your Voice to Stop Veterans Day Commercialization

Long Promo (6:13): Help End Misguided Memorial Day Sales

Short Promo (1:22): Aspiring to be Memorial Day




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