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A Stylized PPT Video Salute for Anonymous Black Friday Hero

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WARNING: This video may be too scary for children under the age of ten.

Update: A CNN Money headline for 11-29-2013 blares, “Holiday shopping season kicks off with fights, arrests

The report states it included “fights among shoppers at several Wal-Marts nationwide.”  As much as we’d hate for our video to be timeless, chances are…

Stylized PPT Video Intro

Amid the recent outbreak of troubling reports about bullying, cyber-bullying and other socially malignant behaviors, we’re happy to bring this Stylized PowerPoint Video back from last year to show once again there’s a potential hero hidden inside all of us, if only we choose to let it come out when a circumstance calls for its timely appearance.

In this Stylized PPT Video (which derives from an actual recording), we have a moment in which incivility suddenly gets thrown on its heels after faced with what can only be described as an act of inspiration, enlightenment and courage all rolled into one.

Watch the video, and then take a moment to consider what you might have done if thrust into a comparable situation. Would you have had the presence of mind to diffuse it, or would your first impulse have taken over, only to make it worse (Dr. Daniel Goleman, author of the New York Times best-selling book Emotional Intelligence refers to the latter as an “emotional hijacking”)?

If you want to learn more about emotional intelligence, and the beneficial role it can play as a societal good, we strongly recommend reading Dr. Goleman’s book.

Brand Management

If you’re on-board with the idea that it’s worthwhile to promote the social good as part of your core marketing strategy – to in effect win additional respect and support by leveraging the power of positive association that comes with it – then join the ranks of those who already are doing it as a way to favorably position their brand.  It can be far more cost-effective than you might imagine.

More importantly, it can help counteract the seemingly rising tide of negative media content, and thereby have a positive social impact at the grassroots level.

Let’s all work together — individually and collectively — to retain the critical mass of civility that makes a society tick.

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