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A Stylized PPT Video, a Flying Roast Turkey & Thanksgiving

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What do a Stylized PowerPoint Video, a flying roast turkey and Thanksgiving Day have in common?

Hit the “Play” button of this Stylized PPT Video to find out.

Branding Strategy

When it comes to making a brand image evermore embraceable, a deeper connection with the target market audience can serve a business well.  Often referred to as indirect marketing, because it relies on the power of positive association as opposed to being a straightforward product promotion, the objective is to complement the core marketing strategy by adding another layer of something to like.  The ideal circumstance is to forge a stronger emotional bond with the brand.

This video is one example of such marketing.  Because it can be used on multiple platforms and for multiple purposes — Internet marketing, mobile marketing, social marketing, social media marketing, branding, brand management, reputation management, content marketing, digital marketing and more — it also carries a high utility value as a marketing tool.  In this case, that translates into the possibility for achieving a large degree of cost effectiveness.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to more firmly embed your brand in the minds of those you want to touch.

Watch the video again with this backdrop in mind!

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  1. Kenneth Rudich says:

    Nice summary. We’re working very hard to shed light on the value of engaging in socially responsive marketing. Have you any thoughts or suggestions with regards to this?
    Thanks for your input. Ken

  2. Jan Leon says:

    The four components of holistic marketing are relationship marketing, internal marketing, integrated marketing, and socially responsive marketing. The set of engagements necessary for successful marketing management includes, capturing marketing insights, connecting with customers, building strong brands, shaping the market offerings, delivering and communicating value, creating long-term growth, and developing marketing strategies and plans.

  3. equipement gardien de but says:

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  4. Get Smart says:

    Lefebvre, R. C. (2012). Transformative social marketing: Co-creating the social marketing discipline and brand. Journal of Social Marketing; 2:118–129.

  5. Kenneth Rudich says:

    Hi Sara,

    This is very true. We here at MSM have long advocated a Value Chain Approach to marketing as the foundation for the core marketing strategy. Our free eguide, “How to Properly Vet a Value Proposition,” which can be downloaded from the link provided at the top of this page, features this very concept. In addition to that, however, we believe an enterprise can further benefit from promoting causes, celebrating observances, (e.g., Veterans Day, Hispanic Heritage Month, etc.) and offering holidays greeting that are germane to the target market they want to attract. We call this indirect marketing, because it relies on the power of positive association or goodwill. The objective is to complement the core marketing by offering another layer of something to like about the brand.

    Best wishes, Ken

  6. Sara Lang says:

    A series of activities involved in designing, producing, marketing, delivering, and supporting any product. Each link in the chain has the potential to either add or remove value from the product the customer eventually buys.

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