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A Stylized PowerPoint Video Salute for USMC Birthday

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Did you know the United States Marine Corps (USMC) celebrates its birthday every year on November 10th with a traditional ball (a formal dance) and cake-cutting ceremony?

After viewing this Stylized PPT Video salute, you’ll have in hand the information you need to calculate the age of the USMC.  But before you do, take a rough guess at how old you think it is.

Brand Enhancement Marketing

Insofar as this type of content falls under the category of promoting a social good (not war per se, but the show of unity and support for our troops), it provides businesses and organizations an opportunity to cost effectively enhance the brand image they want to project with their digital marketing strategy.

Whether via social media, mobile devices or an Internet website, it sets the stage to be perceived as an ambassador of goodwill, which can help to differentiate a product or service in the minds of those who matter most to the enterprise.

The potential upside is just too appealing to ignore.

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