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A Fun Stylized PPT Video Tribute for Hispanic Heritage Month

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This Stylized PowerPoint Video offers a playful tribute for commemorating National Hispanic Heritage Month.  This is an example of social good content marketing.

Content marketing in general is any material or work that can assist an enterprise to achieve its business and marketing objectives, or add value to the enterprise along those lines.  Social good content marketing is a specific type of content marketing.  Like all content marketing, it aims to complement the core marketing effort.

Social Good Content Marketing

Here are 12 reasons to integrate social good content — like this — into your overall digital marketing communications strategy:

1. It taps the power of positive association, which can favorably reflect on your brand and foster goodwill.

2. Insofar as it can be viewed on a pc, laptop or mobile device, it dovetails nicely with the marketing objective of reaching customers – both current and potential — where they are.

3. The online platform affords an extended shelf-life, which gives the work lasting value as a marketing and branding enhancement tool.

4. Digital media supports cross-platform delivery and re-use.

5. The inclusion of social good content in your marketing communications strategy increases the visibility of your brand.

6. Social good content demonstrates a social consciousness and/or sensitivity to community issues, which gives the brand a more human and humane, more likable and embraceable, brand persona.

7. The power of  positive association has the ability to evoke, enhance and/or reinforce a perceived competitive advantage.

8. In today’s content-rich marketing environment, the social good is a smart choice for maintaining a fresh, consistent and continuous flow of content, to complement the core marketing content.

9. Social good content can fuel positive word-of-mouth promotion, online and offline.

10. There’s an abundance of material available for custom designing a social good campaign that will resonate with each and every intended audience or market segment.

11. Digital technology makes the production and delivery of such content cost-effective and affordable for almost any enterprise of any size.

12. Social good campaigns can produce real societal benefits.

Don’t forget to download the free graphics package from above. It can assist with integrating social good content into your overall digital marketing communications strategy.

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