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A Stylized PPT Video about the Heart and Soul of 4th July


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These two Stylized PowerPoint Videos are exactly the same, except for one notable – and not so subtle – difference.

The first Stylized PPT Video has a music track to accompany the narration.  The second one has only narration, no music.

Other than that difference, both tell the extraordinary saga that surrounds the origin of Independence Day in the USA.  It’s something we are perhaps inclined to forget about in this day and age – and yet, it’s at the heart and soul of what the 4th July is all about.

Try watching both versions, and then let us know which one you like better.

You can also watch them on our YouTube channel.  First OneSecond One.

We also have another short Stylized PPT Video for celebrating the 4th of July: A Stylized PPT Video for Righteously Celebrating 4th of July
It’s radically different from this one.  Watch it as well.  

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