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Not Just Another Stylized PowerPoint Video Marketing Promo

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Purposefully Employing Digital Media

Taken at face value, this Stylized PowerPoint Video promotion, which features our signature production process, introduces the different types of marketing communications services we offer here at

On another and perhaps deeper level, however, it also attests to the value of purposefully employing digital media as a tool while managing a marketing communications strategy over time.

Digital Media as a Tool

For the sake of those who don’t quite understand what it means to purposefully employ digital media as a tool, let me elaborate just a bit.

A tool, as you probably already know, typically serves a functional purpose for getting things done.  It helps support the achievement of a task, usually by making it easier, or allowing one to do a better job, or furnishing something needed to overcome a challenge.

Another common trait often found with a tool is the capacity to repeatedly be of service.  In fact, some tools have a multi-functional versatility, which makes them able to serve multiple purposes time after time.  Think Swiss Army knife, for example; or the personal computer, tablet or smartphone.

Insofar as digital media embodies all of these qualities, it ranks high as one of the better tools available for executing a marketing communications strategy.  In this context, it has the equivalent value of a multi-functional tool.

Working with Digital Media

Another vitally important aspect of a tool lies with the recognition that it’s only as good as the person (or team) using it.  A set of carpenter tools in the wrong hands is likely to produce a dismal outcome.  When placed in the right hands, however, it’s almost certain to result in a display of undeniable craftsmanship.  The difference between the two rests in the notion of purposefulness.  Purposefulness combines the right intent or strategy with a facility for pulling it off.

This is where the idea of enlisting digital media as a tool for effectively managing a marketing communications strategy can start to get a little tricky.  Like the carpentry example given above, there’s a strong correlation between the quality of the craftsmanship, and the knowledge that stands behind it.

Rather than overwhelm you with an exhaustive list of the many different knowledge areas involved, let me present just a few to give the gist of what it entails.  At a broad or general level, it helps to possess knowledge about:

  • the different types of media commonly found in a multi-media environment
  • the various kinds of delivery technologies and platforms available for multimedia
  • an aptitude for creating, manipulating and/or editing digital media
  • knowledge of all relevant hardware and software involved while creating, manipulating and editing digital media
  • a relatively good understanding of human psychology
  • a knack for building audience profiles and catering to their interests, preferences and needs
  • an ability to separate digital media into its modular components
  • understanding how to smartly archive, store or library digital media
  • a vision for re-purposing or re-using the modular components of digital media
  • knowing how to deploy digital media across various delivery platforms

Okay, so that’s an abbreviated list but you get the idea (Just bear in mind that it could be considerably longer and that anyone of these bullet points could be fleshed out to a far greater degree.). 

Here’s the real point I wanted to make: in order to get the most oomph out of digital media, you must have — or have access to people who have — a sufficient depth and scope of knowledge for mixing, matching and deploying these tools as efficiently and effectively as possible.  Just as a carpenter wouldn’t grab a hammer from the toolbox to screw in a screw, or toss a hammer into the garbage after pounding only one nail, or use a wood screw while working with metal, it makes little sense to engage digital media in a manner that undermines its potential for becoming a business asset in every sense of the word.

Marketing Communications

Now we’re ready to address our original premise – namely, how this Stylized PowerPoint Video promo attests to the value of purposefully employing digital media as a tool while managing a marketing communications strategy over time.

This Stylized PowerPoint Video is the latest one in a series of three that we’ve produced for promoting our services.  It stems from our philosophy that the task of managing a marketing communications strategy over time invariably involves a continuous effort.  Whether the intent is to consistently reinforce it, occasionally freshen it, carefully fine-tune it, possibly expand it, perform damage control or execute a complete overhaul, a well-managed digital media initiative provides a high degree of flexibility for nimbly doing what’s desired.

In the case of this Stylized PowerPoint video promo we tapped every one of the knowledge areas mentioned above, in some fashion or form.  For example, we pulled modular components from our library of digital assets, re-used or re-purposed them, and did some editing on both the audio and video elements.  We also knew from the outset what type of delivery platforms we’d be using.  And finally, we employed a variety of software and hardware that we’ve acquired for this purpose.

What we didn’t do, is incur the extra cost, time and effort that comes with having to re-invent the wheel every time we want to do something that is media-related, which often happens when an enterprise fails to purposefully employ digital media as a tool.  This would be equivalent to the carpenter who has to buy a whole new set of tools at the start of every project; or doesn’t consult the blueprint during construction; or uses a hammer to drive in a screw.

In short, we deliberately leverage the numerous advantages digital media has to offer for smartly managing a marketing communications strategy over time.  This, in turn, affords efficiency and effectiveness.

If you’d like some suggestions on how to purposefully use digital media as a tool for your marketing communications strategy, contact us.

And, btw, don’t forget to watch the video.  YouTube version here.

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