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An Unparalleled Example of Human Perseverance

We’ve taken a momentary respite from producing another Stylized PowerPoint-to-Video example so that we could instead post this highly riveting and inspirational story captured on video by someone other than us.  If you’re at all inclined to have a “feel good” moment, this will definitely deliver.

But before you view it, let me quickly tell you about a memorable cartoon I once saw which relates to the primary message — admonishment, really — advanced in this video.

The caption at the base of the cartoon read, “Never give up!”

Above the caption was a picture of a seagull with a frog thrust head-first into its mouth.  With his hind legs dangling out from the tip of the seagull’s beak, the clever frog was doing the only thing he could to prevent the bird from swallowing him.  His two front limbs were extended forward, and he had both front feet tightly wrapped around the seagull’s throat in an unrelenting choke hold.

In a way, the man at the center of the story in this video is like that frog.  It’s aptly titled, “The Amazing Transformation of a Guy Who Didn’t Give Up!”

Enjoy it!

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