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A Stylized PPT-to-Video in Support of Improving Literacy

by Kenneth Rudich

This Stylized PowerPoint-to-Video is a variation of one we posted a little while back.  We made a few changes in how it was edited, mostly just to see what impact they would have on its overall look and feel.

You can see for yourself if there’s an appreciable difference by comparing them (Stylized PPT-to-Video for Building Brand Endearment).  At the end of this post we’ll tell you which one we like better.

Marketing Social Good

Shortly after completing these changes, we came across a disheartening announcement that left us with a compelling reason to post this Stylized PPT-to-Video re-edit as part of our ongoing social good campaign.

The announcement of which we speak has to do with the Brooklyn Library in New York.  Perhaps it’s a sign of these times, but it’s a sad, very sad, turn of events.  The announcement reads as follows:

Due to the loss of Federal funding, RIF programs at Brooklyn Public Library will end August 31, 2012.

You can help make sure your Congress members know the importance of RIF and why funding should be restored.  Please visit for more information and to easily identify and contact your Congressional members.

During the past 35 years Brooklyn Public Library has distributed over 1 million free RIF books to children and teens throughout Brooklyn.  We recognize the positive impact RIF has had on Brooklyn families.

Reading is Fundamental (RIF) is the largest children’s literacy nonprofit in the United States.  RIF prepares and motivates children to read by delivering free books and literacy resources to children and families who need them most.  RIF’s website at contains literacy resources for parents and children including booklists, activities and games in English and Spanish.

To be sure, this is not an isolated incident.  Many libraries across the nation have been hit just as hard and in the same manner.

In the face of such deep funding cuts, we as a nation have arrived at a point when it has become ever so imperative for our citizenry – individuals and organizations alike — to band together and assert ourselves like never before to advance the cause of literacy, generally for everyone but especially for children.

Let’s be clear: Literacy is a cornerstone for a democracy to survive, let alone flourish.

Please take the time to support the cause of literacy in whatever fashion or form you possibly can.

If you have children or grandchildren, read to them, read with them, have them read to you.

If you have books sitting idle on shelves or in boxes, donate them.

If nothing else, let everyone know you heartily support the cause of improving literacy in whatever manner you can.  The social good depends in part on giving this matter a unified and unrelenting voice.

P.S. – We like this second promo version, the one shown above, slightly better than the first.  What do you think?            

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