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A Stylized PowerPoint-to-Video for Brand Enhancement

by Kenneth Rudich
This Stylized PowerPoint-to-Video is yet another illustration of our idea for building a stronger brand image by promoting the social good as part of your ongoing marketing strategy.  The objective is to leverage the power of positive association that comes from being regarded as a socially responsible citizen, no matter the size of your enterprise.

Let’s face it, between the advent of social networking and these socially tumultuous times, showing your enterprise cares as much about the common good as it does the bottom line is only smart.

To the extent you’re able to demonstrate an earnest commitment to this ideal, you’ll be giving customers, prospects and stakeholders an additional reason to like/love your brand and be loyal to it.

What’s more, it need not be all that costly to do.  With even a modest technology investment – actually, the same stuff that has become commonplace in this digital age — you’ll have a decent foundation for getting started.

Marketing Communications Strategy

An initiative to promote the social good should be grounded in a communications strategy for it.

First, you’ll need to determine what you’re willing to promote over the course of a year.  It can be a cause(s), a holiday(s), or other celebrations and events that reflect your dedication to the ideal of promoting the social good.  In addition to any choices you might make based on your own personal beliefs, also consider what will resonate with your customers, prospects and stakeholders (especially employees) – or the surrounding community in which you operate.

Remain thoughtful and tactful while making these choices.  If there’s a chance a certain choice could offend one group while supporting the interests of another, then it’s probably best to shy away from it.  Unless you enjoy controversy or want to be an activist, make choices within the context of it being a business decision to garner favorable attention.  (Remember the old saying, “You can’t un-ring a bell.”).

The single safest route is to stick to promoting good acts or causes no one can really object to or complain about — but are still important to the welfare of society.  There’s plenty of opportunity in this regard.  For instance, the above Stylized PowerPoint-to-Video promotes the concept of social civility.  Another video we recently produced promotes the concept of literacy – or rather, of parents teaching their children to learn how to read at an early age.  What reasonable person would object to supporting good acts like these?

By the same token, you need not always be completely meek about it either.

If you serve a black clientele or want to acquire such clientele, then Black History Month offers an opportunity to show your support to the black community.  We’ve produced several videos and graphics along these lines.

We’ve done, and plan to do more, for National Hispanic Heritage Month.

We’ve promoted the act of donating blood, of committing to exercise and fitness, of helping contribute to a litter-free environment, of maintaining human integrity, wishing a happy 4th of July and more.

There’s no shortage of possibilities.  You can be as diverse as you want, or you can be more selective and limited.  In the end, it’s about making your brand more embraceable by portraying the human and humane values it represents.

Second, be prepared to run this initiative like a long term campaign.  It takes consistency and time for it to gain traction and pay dividends.  Map it out for the entire calendar year.  We, for example, named our effort the Social Good Campaign.  All year long we add fresh content to it.  At the end of the day we want people to say, “They have a great product, but what I really like most about them is …”

Third, plan to incorporate the effort into all the delivery platforms and media you use in your marketing strategy.  If you have a website, make the social good campaign a category tab (the accumulation of material overtime will reinforce the sense of earnestness).  Sprinkle it into your social media marketing.  All marketing communications outlets should be included.  Try to grow a sense of community support around it with your customers, prospects, stakeholders, neighbors and friends.

What is Marketing Communications?

Marketing communications is everything you do to place your brand image in the best possible light.  Promoting the social good is one example.

Assuming you already provide a valued product or service, this kind of initiative can help your brand image go from good to glow.        

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