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The Secret to Writing a Greater than Great Resume–the Video

by Kenneth Rudich

This submission, along with another related post, actually has a secondary motive in addition to the primary one set forth by the title (yes, a key resume secret is revealed within the video).

Along with its text-based counterpart, this video gives you an opportunity to see how text-based content can be transformed into a Stylized PowerPoint-to-Video presentation.  We invite you to look at both posts, with the recognition that some audiences would rather skim text-based content while others prefer to view a visually appealing alternative.

The original text-based post with accompanying graphic can be seen HERE.

Note that the above PowerPoint-to-Video relies on nearly the exact same text.

Does This Content Comparison Matter?

It matters because content has become a major component for many contemporary marketing communications initiatives.  Whether it’s in the form of an email blast, whitepaper, eBook, video channel (Youtube), social media, a company website or something else, the trend of using quality content to attract and retain customers, employees, stakeholders and more has grown only stronger with the passage of time.  In fact, it’s become so instrumental for business today that it has inspired the motto “Content is King!”

It matters because current wisdom for content marketing encourages the employment of more visually oriented matter.  As a result, we’ve seen the introduction of the infographic as a key device for conveying informational content.  We’ve witnessed a rise in the deployment of video.  More graphics and pictures are used today than ever before, as well as animations.  Our signature process for stylizing the PowerPoint-to-Video is a natural extension of this growing trend.  Basically, the idea is to embrace the old notion that a picture is worth a thousand words.

It matters because the single greatest challenge associated with content marketing stems from the desire to stand out amid the clutter of what everyone else is doing…without breaking the bank to do it.  The Stylized PowerPoint-to-Video format is an amalgamation of text, graphics, music, pictures and video.   By combining the virtues of each into a single viewing experience, you end up with a delivery mechanism for content that is uniquely different from the other available options.  As such, it adds variety.  And it can be done even if you don’t have deep pockets for doing it.  Perhaps best of all, however, is that it competes well with other forms of media when the intention is to set yourself apart.

Let it Marinate for a Moment

Watch the video again to see what we mean.

If you’d like to see more samples beyond this one, hover your cursor over the “services” tab at the top of the page, click on “Content Development,” and then scroll down half way to the part where we talk about the Stylized PowerPoint-to-Video process.  In that section, we provide several samples for using it with promotion, training and educational content. 

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