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Presentation Tool Proficiency Tip 6-Chunk Your Information

by Kenneth Rudich 

This presentation tool tip ranks high on our list of things to consider when developing business, marketing or other types of PowerPoint presentations.  It is second only to Presentation Tool Tips 2 thru 4, which you may recall as a triad of one tip reiterated three times for emphasis.

As is the case with all our video presentations, we’ve created a stylized version.  While viewing it, you’ll soon become acquainted with our concept of what that means if you don’t already know.  It’s a signature technique and style that is unique to us at Marketing Strategy Management.

What may not be so clear is the process behind the creation of these stylized videos.  In fact, the reason we call the series “Presentation Tool Proficiency Tips,” as opposed to say, “PowerPoint Tips,” is because we typically use four different tools during their development: PowerPoint, Image Manipulation Software (usually Paint but sometimes Gimp), a sound recorder, and Camtasia Studio.

With the exception of Camtasia Studio, these tools are commonly available on most personal computers as part of the normal software installation. 

In case you don’t know, Camtasia Studio is a video/audio editor, and it must be bought separately.  We could use Windows Movie Maker in lieu of Camtasia Studio, but that’s not something we would willingly choose to do.  The additional features that come with Camtasia more than justify the relatively small out-of-pocket cost.  If you want to goof around and create a video just for fun, then Movie Maker would probably suffice.

At any rate, the point I’m trying to make is that we’re not using high-end tools.  Instead, we’re relying on tools that are accessible to most everyone with a personal computer system, be it Windows or Mac. 

The real investment for us is the time and creativity we put into the development process.  We’re always experimenting – never once will you see a PowerPoint template or a bullet-point type design.  Indeed, we’re on a campaign to rid the world of this completely saccharine approach to making a presentation. 

This last idea is at the heart of the Presentation Tool Proficiency Tips concept.  We think of it as a journey, one in which we embark on some form of experiment and then share the results of what we’ve learned so others may carry on with the fruits of our labor. 

Just as importantly, we do it in a “show and tell” manner.  By that I mean we demonstrate the tips and concepts within the context of the video.  We don’t just tell you about something, we show it as well.  This is an important component of our work.

Our aim is not to have you replicate what we do; but rather, to show just how much more can be accomplished with these tools when you free your mind beyond the bounds of a cheesy template.  If we can help to stimulate your imagination, then we’re confident you’ll find and follow your own path for creating a signature style.

To the extent people do this, presentations as a whole will become far more interesting over time and around the world.    

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