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Presentation Tool Proficiency Tips Video Tutorial-Tip #1

by Kenneth Rudich

Whether for business, marketing or other purposes, presentation tools like PowerPoint and Keynote can add flair to both live in-person presentations and video-based ones, provided you invest a little time and energy into using them wisely.

There are a slew of tips and techniques that can elevate a ho-hum presentation into one that stimulates and holds attention.  There are also tips and techniques that simply must be followed in order to prevent it from becoming a dud.  

We’re in process of creating a series of video tutorials that will provide insights into both kinds of tips and techniques.  Hence the title, “Presentation Tool Proficiency Tips,” with the emphasis on proficiency. 

This video is the first one in the series and it tackles a basic but fundamentally important technique for ensuring that your visuals – in this case, computer screen captures – are plenty readable, and that they unfold before the audience in a manner that is engaging (as opposed to confusing).

Though the video is brief, it’s chock-full of information.  Take a moment to watch it and then let us know what you think.

If you have questions that you’d like answered in future tutorials, please feel free to let us know what they are.  There’s a good chance you’re not alone when it comes to puzzling out the best way to leverage a presentation tool.  Indeed, it’s a safe bet that almost everyone would like to shine.

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