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30 free copies of Small Business Marketing Going Mobile book


small business mobile marketing

by Kenneth Rudich

Good news!

We’ve published the 60 page ebook “Small Business Marketing Going Mobile” on for only $7.00.  It can be viewed on the Kindle, the iPhone and other mobile devices.  It also can be viewed on a pc by downloading the free Mobipocket reader from

But there’s more good news! 

We’re giving away FREE copies for review to the first 30 people who request one by emailing us at  This offer is good until June 15, 2011.  Just provide your email address with the request and we’ll ship a PDF version.

The only thing we ask in return is that you submit a review on the Amazon page promoting it: Submit Review Here

And, of course, you can always view the free companion video training series any time you like: Small Business Marketing Going Mobile Video Training 

For now, here’s the introduction to the book:

A number of new, innovative and exciting marketing practices have emerged in the last ten to fifteen years.  In some ways, these new practices are distinctly different.  In other ways, they overlap and build on what is tried and true.

A more recent entry into the fold is mobile marketing.  It epitomizes all of the above.  On one hand, it holds the promise of being able to do things unlike any other marketing practice can.  On the other hand, it can fit well within the bigger scheme of a marketing strategy, completely integrated in and widely supportive of it.

The task of weaving together a lean but effective mobile marketing initiative, one that leverages it to optimal advantage, requires an appreciation of just how rich and varied it has become as a marketing tool.  Not everything about it is for every business, but many aspects really are inviting, and almost everyone is bound to find something suitable for them.

The challenge is to select the right tactic(s) for the right reasons as it relates to your business.

And therein lays the purpose of this book.  Though the landscape for mobile marketing is still in process of maturing, enough has been fleshed out up to this point to form a reasonable understanding of its potential worth to any given enterprise.  Just as importantly, the external forces that make it worthy of consideration have become extremely compelling, and they should not be underestimated or ignored.  It’s really a matter of recognizing the potential upside it can offer to your business, versus the potential downside of overlooking why and how to use it.

This book aims to improve the reader’s grasp of mobile marketing.  If you want to better comprehend the ins and outs – why use it, what it can and cannot do, how to strategically deploy it, and where it’s likely going in the years ahead – then I think you’ll find the content more than helpful.

We’ve certainly done our level best to make it comprehensible.  In addition to chunking the information into short, easy-to-read chapters, we offer free access to a companion video training series.  It’s comprised of ten modules, each lasting anywhere from 5 to 9 minutes in duration.  Though the book takes a more in-depth look at mobile marketing, these modules offer a solid overview in their own right.  They’ve been designed to be fast paced and information rich, so as to make the time you spend viewing them as worthwhile as possible.

It’s been a big project, and we’re altogether pleased with the results.  We’re confident you’ll agree the only thing more pleasantly surprising than the price is the value you’ll receive.

The topics covered include:

Chapter 1: Gone Mobile or Just Fishin’ (Why deploy a mobile marketing strategy)

Chapter 2: Strategies for Capitalizing on Mobile Technology

Chapter 3: Text Messaging

Chapter 4: 2D Barcodes

Chapter 5: Mobile Website Marketing

Chapter 6: Location-based  Marketing

Chapter 7: Branded Apps

Chapter 8: Advertising Networks

Chapter 9: Mobile Marketing Best Practices

Chapter 10: Future Outlook for Mobile Marketing

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