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a seasonal video with lights-action-and-engagement

by Kenneth Rudich

Every so often I come across something that smartly demonstrates the concept of audience engagement.  This is one of those endeavors.  It arrested my attention and held my interest.  In short, I found it engaging – not to mention illuminating.

Though it doesn’t seek to market anything, I can, as a student of marketing, easily imagine using it in that capacity. 

On the other hand, I can appreciate the desire to keep it safe from any motive other than the one intended: spread the spirit of the season.  It’s a moment of genuine resolve to do for the sake of doing, and to share for the sake of sharing.  

One might think of it as an earth-based constellation.  It gives the stars a reason to gaze down from above, for a glimpse of what we see when we look up.  It has its own dazzle, its own twinkle, its own ability to mesmerize, all on a scale equal to anything the stars can offer.  It dances with merriment, and I have no doubt it makes the Big Dipper smile and the Little Dipper laugh.

If you watch it, I’ll bet you’ll find the Dipper in you.  Enjoy, and may I extend my best wishes to everyone for health and happiness in the year ahead.


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