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blues of seo

by Paul Germana from

I’m feeling a bit glum tonight, because I quit a business that my father and I joined together. It was all about using traffic exchanges, safelists, banner rotators and Traffic Hoopla to promote ‘their’ domain, not yours! If there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s either have a well grounded blog with a reputable provider or your own domain. Affiliate pages are fine for brief promotional purposes, but don’t throw everything into the promotion of some domain, which may or may not exist six months from now. Those people never tell you anything. They say, “We have been in business for five long years!” BIG DEAL!!! -I got a parakeet older than that.

Here’s how I network. I post my thoughts on another blog, sharing what I know and helping it to get traffic. Then I find five more, posting to them as well, encouraging those bloggers to post to my blog, so that they can get even more traffic. Instant success! I didn’t have to join a cult or reboot the way I think. I’m still me and my sister blogs are still “them”. Nobody gets hurt and everybody benefits. What you will see out there today is people trying to build up themselves by using others. It doesn’t work. But most people don’t know that if they would just interact online, meeting other people and sharing content, viral forces takes over, exploding site traffic.

I recently commented a blog saying that online viral activity is really just the unpredictable nature of human interaction. A farmer opens a general store, because he just can’t take all the chores and constant worrying about the yield of crops. It’s new to him, but he’s always wanted to be independent and self reliant, rather than dependent on the value of his ever dwindling crop. Any of this sounding familiar?

So he gets all of his stock sorted out, prepared for sale and immediately he begins to worry that nobody will show up. ‘What if I’m in a bad location?’, he thinks. ‘What if my product is of poor quality?’ Suddenly, in strolls Mrs. Barnes on her way to the Cracker Barrel across town. She might have gotten the honey at the grocery store had someone not called her at home and said, “we’re all out of honey up here!” She glanced over and got that old feeling people get when they see a ‘General Store’ and said, “maybe he’s got some honey!” Gee what a coincidence, he just happened to know that that kind of thing can be in demand at the most inopportune times. Wow!!!

He also didn’t expect Ed, one of his farming buddies to need 25 bundles of twine to tie back his corn stalks to keep them from sweating too much and deteriorating in the excessive summer heat. As if it weren’t enough that the livery stable ran out of horse feed and several farm owners had to come over and buy up all of his feed, it was just unseemly that the chicken farm would have sent their hand 60 miles for 1200lbs. of his chicken feed , instead of just going somewhere closer to home. Now that’s viral!!!

I want to thank Ken for allowing me to post my thoughts here at his blog. I hope you’ll join this blog and just participate. It can really make a difference, but you may never know until you get out here and try. Life is risk, but only to them who can truly face fear.


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  2. Kenneth Rudich says:

    I haven’t gotten that far just yet — I’ve only been commenting at a few. Looked to see if I might be able to post at your’s yesterday, but it didn’t look like I have authoring rights.

  3. Paul Germana says:

    Hey Ken,
    If you don’t mind, could you give me a heads up on any other blogs you might be posting at. I want to comment your posts there and request authorship as well.

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